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We feel pleased that even amidst the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, Harithkram successfully conducted the Biodiversity Trail completely digitally: A 14-day long celebration of biodiversity and wilderness which began on 22nd May 2020 on the occasion of International Day for World Biodiversity, the awe-inspiring voyage of green concluded on 5th June 2020 on World Environment Day. A total of 7 events for students were conducted digitally, which received overwhelming participation from budding environmentalists from all across the country. 


Following the roaring success of the Biodiversity Trail, we have been inspired to initiate a new line of events dedicated entirely towards digital engagement of young and curious minds which are inclined towards environmental conservation. This initiative breaks free of all forms of conventional methods of engagement and steers clear of any barrier created by the current COVID situation, by engaging young minds in a creative thought process and escalating awareness towards our precious environment in general and pressing environmental issues in particular. 


Team Harithkram is also delighted to launch the logo of our E-Initiatives as seen above. We are highly optimistic of the initiative to help spread awareness about the myriad environmental issues the world is faced with and collectively work towards finding solutions to all such challenges!

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