G5 SUMMIT 2018


9-10 FEBRUARY 2018

Harithkram model united nations environment assembly


Harithkram, the Environment Society of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College brings to you the Second edition of G5 Summit on 9th and 10th February 2018 under the aegis of Entourage'18, the annual festival of Harithkram. The G5 Summit is a debate-cum-conference that provides a platform to the budding environmentalists to share their ideas and views relating to current environmental issues. The event brings into light the viewpoints of the five major stakeholders of the society namely, Government, NGOs, Academicians, Entrepreneurs and Commoners.

It is a splendid opportunity for all those care-takers of the environment, who have always desired to ensure inviolability of environment intact, and to those who have longed themselves to become a mouthpiece of environment.


The theme for this year’s summit has been decided as ‘Delhi:  A Liveable City?’ This theme has been adopted whilst keeping in mind the prevailing environmental concerns surrounding the national capital.’

The event will comprise of a Qualifying Round (on 9th Feb'18) and the main event- G5 Summit (on 10th Feb'18).

For more details regarding G5 Summit, go through the documents attached below.

Rules and Regulations of G5 Summit'18:


Programme Schedule:

G5 Summit 2016 through the lens:


G5 Summit 2018- Final Policy Paper: