Open-Debate Competition



  • We are allowing only individual participation. Each participant will be given 3 minutes to speak. Participants can speak either in English/Hindi. 

  • The competition will have two rounds.  The first round will be the discussion round and the second will be the interjection round. The motion will be set on the spot within the theme #CONNECT2EARTH.

  • In the first round, each individual will be provided the time-limit of two minutes to express their views on the provided topic. In the second round, one extra minute will be provided to the participants to interject the statements of other participants.

  • Every participant will be expected to provide an example, keeping in view the contemporary/modern context, to backup their perspective.

  • The audience can also pose questions, and it will be mandatory for the participant to answer them, as they will be marked for the same.

  • The best three participants will be awarded attractive prizes.

  • All the participants have to confirm their participation at the registration desk on the day of the event

 Disclaimer: The above mentioned rules can be changed as per the discretion of the organizers   and/or judges. Any change in the rules will be intimated to the participants prior to the event.